This is ZORNIK


Zornik is something different. Different style. Different looks.

Alternative bands are not that common in Europe. In fact, few of them manage to step out of anonymity. Zornik has something special. Something in their sound, something so mysterious that makes you wanna push the „replay” button.


I’ve not tried the „The Place Where You Will  Find Us” album yet, but the other 3 albums are pretty familiar to me. „One Armed Bandit” is probably the „slowest” of them, following „Alien Sweetheart”, which is a kinda’  breakthru from the previous album, and finally „Crosses” a real masterpiece. „Crosses” is indeed special [if you don’t believe me, try listening Black Hope Shot Down and The Backseat], judging by the change that took place between the last 2 albums. It is a pretty rare kinda’ alternative, a bit of  Muse combinated with something as soft as The Receiving End Of Sirens. Or maybe I’m wrong, gainsay me if you can.


Zornik is a Belgian rock band, which gained a fair amount of mainstream attention. It was formed in 1999 by Koen Buyse (singer and guitarist), Marijn Horemans (drums) and Kristof Vanduren (bass). In 2003, Kristof decided to leave the band. For the summer festival shows, he was replaced by Bas (Millionaire) who also joined the band in the studio for the recordings of the second album.

Although they’re mostly known for their more poppy songs, their albums also show some great acoustic and harder rock songs.
They’ve produced four albums up to now: The Place Where You Will Find Us, One-Armed Bandit, Alien Sweetheart and Crosses.

The album Crosses was released in april 2007. The first single of the album is called Black Hope Shot Down and is a harder rock song again, after the accoustic third album…

In november 2008, they released a new album, called 4.000.000 Minutes, after the time the band exists. It bundles all the singles, two new tracks and some b-sides.
The two new tracks were 4 Million Minutes and Forgotten

Now, zornik is taking a little break. They are writing a new album in 2009 and it will be released in 2010.[ + Wiki]



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