Omul din spatele bateriei Nirvana



Din spate in fata

Dave Grohl [January 14, 1969(age 40)] e ramasita vie Nirvana. Omul din spate care nu a renuntat la radacini, azi, un idol pentru multi fani Foo Fighters.

Un om foarte ocupat. Dintotdeauna a fost ocupat. De cand a inceput sa zdrangane chitara la 12 ani. O prima experienta care l-a marcat a fost cu Freak Baby, unde si-a descoperit inclinarea spre baterie. Apoi a urmat Scream, care a precedat un urias succes.



Membri: Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl

Nirvana a fost dintotdeauna KURT COBAIN. 372549657_763f69e4f6Orice referire la Nirvana, orice insinuare, a fost numai Kurt. Multumita lui Buzz Osborne, numarul de telefon a lui Dave a

ajuns la Kurt si Krist, fani ai maiestriei acestuia in manuirea batigaselor pe membrana.

Asa, Dave si-a gasit un loc confortabil in spatele bateriei, de unde a privit multumit roadele muncii sale. Si daca nu poti numi „nebunie” valurile pe care le-au facut cei trei in 90′, atunci nu pot gasi un termen de comparatie.

Ce sa mai spun de „Smells like teen spirit” , un adevarat imn al tinerilor!

->”The unexpected success of „Smells Like Teen Spirit” propelled Nevermind to the top of the charts at the start of 1992, often marked as the point where alternative rock entered the mainstream.”Smells Like Teen Spirit” was Nirvana’s first and biggest hit, reaching number six on the Billboard Hot 100 and placing high on music industry charts all around the world in 1991 and 1992.”<-

Dar se pare ca… nu a iesit atat de mult in evidenta. Si spun asta pentru ca toti fanii Nirvana pe care i-am intalnit habar n-aveau cine este Dave Grohl. Mai ca ti-e rusine.

Odata cu „You Know You’re Right„, Nirvana si-a incheiat activitatea, iar Dave a fost nevoit sa se agate de ceva ca sa suprevietuiasca.


1995-Apare primul primul album Foo Fighters.

Dave se organizeaza si pune un nou proiect pe picioare, facand si ceva inedit: se angajeaza ca solist. drummer-boy_articleimageCunoscut pana acum ca si cantand la orice instrument prezent intr-o trupa grunge, face aceasta schimbare uriasa.

Current members

  • You always loved drums, then?

I remember being inspired by Edgar Winter’s Frankenstein. Up until that point I would just listen to whatever my parents or my sister were listening to, the West Side Story soundtrack, Carly Simon and The Beatles. But when I heard Frankenstein, I thought, „Wow, everything about this song stands out, the riffs, the keyboards, and particularly the drums.”
That summer, one of my cousins gave me Rush’s 2112, and I don’t know how, but I could tell what each individual piece of the drum kit was doing; I knew which sound was the hi-hat, which sound was the ride cymbal, and so on.

I learned about drums by setting my pillows up on my bed and on the floor, and beating along on them with these big fucking marching sticks I stole from a friend. The house I grew up in is really small, and I couldn’t afford a drum set until I was 17 – I’d wait until the drummer in my band went home after practice and play on his kit.

  • Did you ever sense a conflict in loving both old school rock and punk?

My first punk rock moment was going to see the AC/DC movie, Let There Be Rock. It was the first time I’d felt that energy, like I just wanna fuckin’ break something, I’m so excited that I’m losing my mind! It was dirty and sweaty, fuckin’ beautiful. I liked the more aggressive side of things. So hardcore and punk rock and thrash metal were like a dream come true, pushing that energy to an extreme. The thing I didn’t like about a lot of rock music was the superhuman pretension – at an early age I was suspicious of it, cynical. I had a Kiss poster, but I didn’t like their music, I liked them as comic book characters. But I also had an AC/DC poster, Malcolm Young wearing jeans and a T- shirt, hasn’t taken a shower all week, drunk and just fuckin’ playing music for the sake of playing music. I thought, „I wanna be that guy.”

  • Making the last album you went off in a huff and toured with Queens Of The Stone Age. This time you had to build an out-of-town leisure centre before recording. Why?

We did One By One in Virginia and I’m very proud we made that album in a basement with sleeping bags nailed to the wall and a keg in the bathroom and it won a Grammy. But there was a time making One By One when I thought, „This is our last album”, and thought I’d just go back and be a drummer. But I missed what we do too much. And to really make it family I decided we’d need… a giant fucking playground!

  • On the acoustic album you duet with Norah Jones on a supper club bossa nova.

That’s right. The song is a few years old. I’m always writing stuff that doesn’t fit with the Foo Fighters’ supposed sound. The acoustic album was my chance and I thought Norah would sound great on it. When we recorded it I thought, „This doesn’t sound like the Foo Fighters,” and Nate said, „Well, that’s why it should go on the record.”

  • Some people will think you’re nuts.

Tough titties.

  • You got married in 2003. Is the acoustic album a concession to the missus? „You can have Josh Homme but I want Norah Jones on there.”

No, [my wife] Jordan didn’t get me to duet with Norah Jones on the record. I love her voice. She came down on Valentine’s Day. We cleaned up, stashed the porn, put some flowers in the studio and she wafted in and did the whole thing in two hours. She is extraordinary.

  • Did she use the wireless internet in the lobby? The password is „pussy”…

Come on, dude. This is the home of a rock band. People coming here know what to expect.

  • Would you flinch if you went to Norah’s studio and her access code was „cock”?

Aw, dude, give me a break. No… she wouldn’t… of course not!

De ce am ales Dave Grohl? Pentru ca mi se pare un adevarat reprezentant al grunge-ului american.


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    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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